Customer First
We are a “customer-centered” manufacturing enterprise. We emphasize the communication with direct customers. While promoting our proposed plans and services, and actively recommending standardized products, we also customize non-standard products for the specific needs of customers. We constantly fulfill the requirements and exceed expectations of customers. With the philosophy of providing comprehensive service, we are offering advanced technology and high values to our customers.

Challenge the Unknown
Customer’s requirement is the direction for our product development. Based on the technology of the parent company in Japan, with independent innovation, we constantly release products which are needed in the market. We attach importance to the market adaptability of our products and emphasize the technological innovation. We timely seize new industry trends, striving to change, to innovate and to lead in the industry.

Green and Environmental Friendly
Overcome industry barrier and seek cross-industry growth point. Uphold the CES principle in design and eliminate energy-intensive products. Projects of energy saving and emission reduction and green manufacturing should be actively implemented. To build a resource saving and environmental friendly with concrete actions.

People Oriented
Carrying the dream and mission of KAWATA group, KAWATA Shanghai strives to build a more competitive global enterprise. We will undertake more social responsibility, provide bigger platform to employees for realizing their individual values, and guarantee family happiness of them.

Core Values of Company
Do not forget entrepreneurial spirit, team spirit, and innovative spirit. We advocate the principle of “win-win partnership with customers, collective honor with employees, and co-existence with nature”.Our values are:
To challenge the unknown, with innovation as the foundation of establishment.
Integrity foremost, with social responsibility.
Customer first, customer is the God, who we seek win-win partnership with.
People oriented, accommodate and understand different cultures and seek collective prosperity with employees.
Respect the nature, and consider environmental protection as a precondition for development.