KAWATA SHANGHAI large system projects include large Powder• Liquid Metering& Blending System, Mixing System, Water Temperature Chilling System, Large-scale Drying System and Centralized Material-feeding System. A variety of production line projects can be specially tailored to customers by virtue of the first-class production system control technology and integrated design. KAWATA SHANGHAI large system projects have been widely applied in automobiles, home appliances, medicine, food, packaging, granulation, film and other fields with its reasonable, high-efficient production line provided to the customer.

    Powder• Liquid Metering& Blending system, Mixing system has highlighted Kawata's high-speed mixing technology level, and has also established its leading position in this industry. Water Temperature Chilling System, which integrated two technical advantages of temperature-control and water treatment, equipped with Kawada's unique heat recovery device configuration, realizes the dramatic reduce of the worksite energy consumption. Production efficiency can be extraordinary improved by Kawata’s Large-scale Drying System and Centralized Material-feeding System, which focus on centralized drying, remote transmission, error- free switching and high-automatic connection device and thus ensure production line’s rationality, continuity and safety.

Powder Metering& Blending System Water-temperature Chilling Circulation System
Large-scale Drying System Large-scale Material-feeding System